So you want the real SKINNY on fatDUBS?!

It isn't hard to understand, really.
We love Volkswagen & Audi vehicles, plain and simple.
We live in Northeastern Ohio.

This is not a formal club, so don't ask.
No membership cards will be given out.
We congregate our discussions in our forums.

Ohio (Cleveland/Akron to be specific) needs your help.
Volkswagen/Audi Enthusiasts need to unite.
Cliques and boredom, BE GONE!

We hope to bring fun, excitement, and "fat living"
to the NEOhio area through VW/Audi events.
This site is our catalyst for pictures & video.

Through small social gatherings on a regular basis,
to occasional large scale events and shows,
let us enjoy living the dub lifestyle.

As we head to national events, we'll cruise together.
As we dine during the week, we'll eat together.
As we wrench on our cars, we'll work together.
As we live, we'll LIVE TOGETHER!

fat CARS.
fat DUBS!

The fatDUBS Staff